13 thoughts on “"Internet Marketers" vs "Internet Scammers"

  1. yeah, you are giving the legit internet marketers a bad name, i am a SEO specialist who also does SEM, search engine marketing for clients, i maintain their adwords campaigns and so forth, just to give you an idea of one field within internet marketing, all the big internet retailers have internet marketing departments, the people in your scamworld piece are scammers first who use internet marketing as their tool or weapon of choice, like a gun, bad guys use guns to rob, scammers use IM to scam

  2. Granted, I think it’s very likely there could be many internet users online who may not be able to discern the difference between a scammer, calling themselves an "Internet marketer", and an SEO Specialist. But I can’t help but feel Mr. Sullivan and others like him should try and focus their concerns on the scammers themselves in lieu of sites like The Verge.

    It was nice to hear Mr. Sullivan’s side, but I definitely felt like he misinterpreted the article, just a tad.

  3. I felt bad for the guy on the phone, because these guys were being so difficult when he is obviously right.

  4. I think this is an important conversation to have, within the marketing community in particular. The article was a reminder that there is a dark side to this business. If you aren’t aware of that, it can be easy to find yourself in the midst of a predatory marketing scheme or system.

  5. The new breed of marketers include people like Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, Chris Guillebeau, Marie Forleo. They don’t call themselves "marketers", but many of their core online sales strategies can be traced back to Frank Kern (and to offline pros like Jay Abraham).

  6. I don’t think that a "scammer" wouldn’t call someone saying that they are trying to deceive them. Instead of saying "Hi, I’m an internet marketer", they won’t say "Hi, I’m an internet scammer".

  7. Isn’t that the definition of a scam? I think the caller’s point is valid, but of course if "Internet Marketing" wasn’t a reputable title then no one would scam it. As a statistician, I see so much information–marketing, advertising, etc–housed on the internet just waiting for people to harvest it and sell it. If legit marketers really want to combat it they need to ban together and fight it. Not fighting the article that brings it to light.

  8. I felt bad as well, but Josh had a good point. To paraphrase, what is the legitimate marketing community doing to combat this. I feel worse for the single mothers, older women and men being taken advantage of. Businesses that hire people like the gentleman on the phone will know the difference.

  9. I think you guys are sort of not getting it. Because indeed, you guys are internet marketers, too. Any company that works on the internet trying to get the word out and making money on their site are doing internet marketing. Just because marketers understand psychology and write salesletters doesn’t put them in the box of scammers. It is great you guys pointed out the scams that ARE going on. But in my opinion you are putting everything in a box. It’s bad.

  10. Wow… You guys have a VERY ignorant view of online marketing. Not to mention, your counter arguments are full of logical fallacies. Clearly you guys have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. I read your one-sided and poorly investigated article, yeah there are some scammers but many people who work and make a living online ARE NOT scammers. Your controversy marketing you’ve used in order to get visitors to your site which helps you bring in ad revenue makes YOU an Internet Marketer.

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