Installing WordPress on a Domain Host Go Daddy

Here I walk you through step-by-step, on how to install WordPress on a domain host. I install WordPress on a Go Daddy hosted site, but this process is nearly identicle on every other host. From Design To Web. wordpress 2.9. 30% Domain Name Discount 20% Hosting Discount as of April 2010

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  1. Just thought it might be a good idea to mention that with WP 3.2.1, after finishing uploading the files with Filezilla, the url you need is only tour domain. So, yourdomaindotcom. Nothing else.
    Thanks so much man!

  2. @derekbanas Thank you so much. I have been troubleshooting with setting up my godaddy hosted domain name for so long now. This was a sigh of relief. I almost made it to the end. After editing my config file and also uploading all files on filezilla, when I go to install.php link all it says is: "No input file specified." I am super confused. I have tried editing the config file and uploading files several times but no help. Is there a mistake I am making?

  3. @derekbanas or this is what it is saying:
    Warning: require_once(D:Hosting8649323htmlblog/wp-load.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:Hosting8649323htmlblogwp-admininstall.php on line 36

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘D:Hosting8649323htmlblog/wp-load.php’ (include_path=’.;C:php5pear’) in D:Hosting8649323htmlblogwp-admininstall.php on line 36

  4. That’s a small file. I’m not sure what file you are talking about though

  5. oh gosh.. i finally re-installed everything and it took me my dashboard. thank u so much.

  6. how do i go back to my site after switching my comp back on. the site is not live :( How do i make it live?

  7. Watch my video Easy WordPress Install on GoDaddy. That should answer your questions

  8. Thanks for the super easy, super detailed instructions! Feeling a bit less intimidated now :)

  9. It’s a piece of cake. WordPress is an amazing tool. I have videos on it from the most basic to the most advanced. They should answer any questions you ever have :)

  10. I’d get a deluxe linux grid hosting plan. They can handle a lot of traffic. The economy plan has go daddy ads on it so that isn’t any good

  11. You get an economy plan for free with the domain, but it is terrible and covered with ads. You need a deluxe plan to do any serious development

  12. They used to always give the economy for free because it’s pretty much worthless :) I just like them because they haven’t forced me into a dedicated site yet. If you want to make a high traffic site for cheap I’d go with them. If you just want to play around there are cheaper hosts for around $5 a month?

  13. This was an excellent tutorial. I just installed WP 3.3.1 and there were only a few things that were different, but very self-explanatory. Thank you so much for posting this very easy to follow tutorial. I created a .txt file with multiple steps on how to do this as I watched your video and followed your steps to set up my own WP site as well (in the root directory) and it couldn’t have been easier. Thanks so much again!

  14. great tutorial but please can you help. When I go to Filezilla it will not connect to the server for me, and I don’t know what I ma doing wrong it may be something simple, can someone please help it is driving me crazy!:(

  15. atleast put a…Clear link…at the end….when you uploaded files on the server…how to Install…..

  16. Please tell me something..i Setup my Config..Upload my wordpress Content on my website..but i am not able to Install From browser like wp-admin/install.php ….that Page wont open :/ ..What is the problem….It says Apache 29(what ever) Not found

  17. Hostgator is by far the best host ive dealt with, they even let me have hosting for 1 penny by utilizing the coupon "KINGTRAFFIC"

  18. Great tutorial! Thanks Derek. I got all setup using your video as a guide.

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