INFINITE H SPECIAL GIRL Teaser Release dates : 2013. 1. 11 INFINITE H Official Website : INFINITE H Official YouTube Channel : WOOLLIM Entertainment Official Website :

25 thoughts on “INFINITE H ‘SPECIAL GIRL’ Teaser

  1. lol, no wonder I recognize her from somewhere,lol.. It’ll be better if Yadong dated each other instead XD hahaha

  2. nogoolman님 실력도 뭣도없다고?? 인피니트가 싫어도 이렇게 개념없게 행동하지마요 사람 확 열 뻗치게마드는데 소질있다

  3. 0:08 cute/handsome Dongwoo… 0:21 manly hoya tongue illness…. he can’t keep his tongue in… hehehe

  4. because they are hiding them… and they’re still in the process of picking the girls, so nothing is certain… if anything baby soul is the only one we’re certain of.

  5. Dongwoo is so cute ..!! I felt like I’m fainting when I see him smile and Hoya is so handsome Kyaaaaa !!! ♥♥♥♥

    INspirit 4Ever ♥♥♥

  6. woot song haena!! i really like her she’s really cute and she’s really short GUYS THAT’S WHY THEY USED HER BC INFINITE-H R sHORTIES!!1!!!!!!!1 ohohohoAHOHO you can tell i love this right woollim why are you torturing us srsly

  7. Well there goes my panties… Lol all jokes aside this sounds & LOOKS like an amazing debut!!!! Can’t wait release the album & MVs already!!!!!!!!!

  8. I knew PRIMARY was gonna be in this video because THE WHOLE ALBUM HAS PRIMARY WRITTEN ALL OVER IT, but overall, the MV is so anticipating and colourful <3

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