I’m No Wussy Talks Internet Marketing with Rui Gabriel – How the World has changed

Get in Now: socialmediabar.com Blog Post: socialmediabar.com I wanted first to say how incredible and inspiring it was to be with Rui Gabriel, and to be able share ideas and mastermind. I wanted to thank him for the amazing strategies he shared with me and for agreeing to being the first guest in the Im No Wussy Talks. I do want to apologize for any audio interferences or video grain has I didnt notice the camera lens to be dusty. On the first part of the Internet Marketing Video with Rui Gabriel, we talk about the basics of Internet Marketing and about how much the world has changed. In the past, we were expected to provide for our families with a standard job and it was possible back then. Nowadays its becoming harder and harder to be able to do the same, and we as entrepreneurs search for new ways to earn money and create a stable income for our families. Rui Gabriel did find it and instead of keeping the secret for himself, he shared the idea with dozens of others and burst through the ranks. He reached top 2 recruiter in the world in just his first 2 weeks of being in Empower Network. His knowledge is commendable and his work empowering. The second part containing Advantages and Principles of Internet Marketing and MLM is coming out on Sunday the 13th. And let me tell you guys… If youre not in yet, you need to get in now!