I’m Hosting Xbox Arcade Next LIVE

Watch the show LIVE this Wednesday, April 18th, at 5pm Pacific 8pm Eastern! Olgakay will be playing Trials: Evolution! www.twitch.tv MAIN – www.youtube.com GAMES – www.youtube.com BOOK OF FACE – www.facebook.com THE TWITTERS – www.twitter.com SHIRTS – sethhendrix.spreadshirt.com

13 thoughts on “I’m Hosting Xbox Arcade Next LIVE

  1. LMAO – 2:16 – 2:40 !!! UR LIVE SHOW WITH TOBY IS ON THE 25th!?!?! :DDD that my 14th birthday!! I CANT WAIT:3 Seth and Toby live on my birthday, BEST. B-DAY. EVER!

  2. Haha Seth on the last Wednesday you host the show you should get some chocolate sauce like in your last video and just take off your top and pour it all over you ;L Everyone would be like ‘wtf?’ also bring back 5 seconds of fame please ;D :L

  3. lol dude you remind me of tobuscus and I love olga kay and trials what do I do to play against her?

  4. We were there!! Had such a fun and great time! Also you told us all to subscribed so we did! Woot Woot!

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