iGoldRush.com: Developing Domains Into Brands: Creating a Facebook Page: Episode #5

www.iGoldRush.com The latest edition of The iGoldrush Report - Developing Domains Into Brands How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Website. Paul Goldstone and Morgan Linton bring you these regular exclusive videos that focus on domain development, domain monetization, and domain branding. www.facebook.com In this fifth episode of The iGoldrush Report, Morgan Linton shows you how to utilize social media for your new brand by creating a facebook page. While other social media sites like twitter are important, facebook needs to be an essential part of your branding plan as well. In this episode, youll learn how to setup your first facebook page, including the initial signup process, navigating the backend, and filling out your profile. After watching, youll have all of the information you need to start promoting your new domain brand on facebook. Stay up to date with the iGoldRush Blog at www.iGoldRush.com Dont forget to subscribe to the iGoldRush YouTube channel!