iFlexDesigns Recruitment Challenge! Free Website Hosting Prizes

-PLEASE EXPAND- Please listen the video voice-over! Post the video as a response video! Deadline: 21 December 2012 If you have any questions feel free asking in the comments or PM us! Download the logo: AI Format: www.mediafire.com PSD Formant: www.mediafire.com Image: Winners get access to free unlimited website hosting (X-RayHost)... Can be anything related to graphicsanimation as long as it includes the logo! Examples: - Website Designs - Intro Animation - Animation (general) - Youtube Background - Branding - Photo Manipulation - ETC... PLEASE BE AWARE, THAT IF YOU USE MUSIC IN YOUR VIDEO, THIS MUST BE NON-COPYRIGHT! We will be choosing 3 Still image and 3 Motion Designers! By being part of the iFlexDesigns team, you get access to uploading content to the channel as well as free unlimited website hosting.. Give your best! -Dyllan

25 thoughts on “iFlexDesigns Recruitment Challenge! Free Website Hosting Prizes

  1. Gonna enter this if i get time.
    Would be my first speed art in a while.
    Yolo i guess.

    Best of luck to everyone else :3

  2. Just sent in my recruitment as a video response :) Please check it out everyone and see if i have a chance!!

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