I FINALLY Make Over $100 A Day, After 3 Years of Affiliate Marketing-Earnings Proof for June 2012

I just want to share my recent success with affiliate marketing. I have been trying to earn a full time income for about 3 years. I finally took a leap of faith before giving up and discovered a way to make over $100 a day. I am not trying to sell a program or anything like that....I just want to encourage others to keep trying. I was just about to give up. I said one last prayer and gave it one last try. I asked God to give me a sign and show me if I was wasting my time with internet marketing....and I made over $150 within 24 hours.....I have since made over $100 a day, Monday-Friday and about $50 each weekend day, at least. I want to encourage those who are trying to be successsful to continue to try. I tried 1 internet marketing course and I did gain some valueable information for the $7 that I spent, but it did not teach me what I learned on my own through trial and error. The methods that I am using are new and I am not sure of the long term success, but once I am, I will share some tips and tricks. I also have tips for ad placement with google adsense that have worked for me....the placement of the ad made more of a difference then I thought. Everything I learned was through research, trial and error. In the end, everything came together and I am now earning a full time income online. I will continue to try new things until I earn $500 a day...which is my next goal. Anything is possible....I went from $20 a day to over $100 a day with one change and it took less <b>...<b>