Humor Me – Paul Gilmartin

Paul Gilmartin is a talented comedian, actor and host. Hes been doing Dinner & A Movie since 1995, which is some kind of record for hosting a show. He has a fascinating new podcast called The Mental Illness Happy Hour. He interviews all types of artists about their lives and how they deal with a cornucopia of depressions, addictions, suicidal thoughts and everyday crap that drives people mad. We talk about all of it including how Paul went from addict to happily married man and what he does to stay that way, while I battle bronchitis and my own suicidal thoughts during the program. A unique show about two comics trying to be themselves beyond the comedy. Special thanks to: Dr. Michael Solomon, Jolene Adams, Moon Zappa, Taylor Negron, The Self Help Comedy Hour and Danielle Koenig! Tweet to me-@HumorMeEd and tell me which comedian you;d most like to have lunch with and Ill see what I can do and while youre at it, come visit the store at

5 thoughts on “Humor Me – Paul Gilmartin

  1. I love him. I’ve been listening to the Podcast, and I didn’t realize he was so handsome.

  2. searching for som funny poems and this is what i get? Bloody beautiful, love it. A serious host and a interesting guest…. this is not television!

  3. Richard Martin Commercial is awesome. love it. Paul Gilmartin is a very intriguing guy, I think. Love his podcast

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