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22 thoughts on “Human rights – The Story Of Human Rights

  1. because international efforts do not have jurisdiction or capability of control of certain areas. For example, the Peace Corps was only able to go back to Sudan after many years, because it is too dangerous to occupy. It is more of a plan, not necessarily a law that every country abides to.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved and inspired to do more to fight for the rights of my people.
    And when I say "my people," I mean those of the world. Because we are not just a bunch of groups coexisting in the world. We are one race, one group, one family, one people. Some are just too blind to see.

  3. I want to be an advocate for Human Rights. We all have rights and we should promote them for the less fortunate.

  4. Nobody prior to John Locke ever thought about human rights the same way as we do today, ie as freedoms that are only limited by the freedoms of others.

  5. You don’t get it do you ??!, the (what you call) "criticism of religion" is actually a heavy attack on other people choices and thoughts.

    If someone wants to believe that this sophisticated universe was formed by luck, then go ahead, I am not going to hate, not going to look at you in a funny way (like you do) and in fact I will not find it disgraceful for you to become my best friend, BUT you (((DO NOT))) go around telling people what to think and what not.

    GET IT NOW ??!

  6. "(((DO NOT))) go around telling people what to think"
    Yep, that is one of my greatest criticisms of religions.

  7. This process is way to slow a takeover to notice and if we wait until 50 years when a theocracy arises it’ll be too late.

  8. And lastly, you arn’t going to hate but many many many people do and by believing in things for which no evidence exist, rather than accepting that the origin of lightning and the universe are unknown and might have an unimaginably different answer than the only one you and the zeus believers could think of, you are making ‘just believing’ socially acceptable and thus partially responsible for the extremes of those who feed off that percieved acceptance.

  9. Human rights started in Iran and today Iran have no human rights! Ironic

  10. I agree that this is contradictory. What happens when religious people, like myself, start to speak about religion. Anybody can criticize me for my beliefs, which is fine because they have the right to disagree. We must have the right to criticize religious speech. I totally agree with you.

  11. I think you are so right. If I put myself up to make a public statement, I know that I can look forward to criticisms. How can we expect freedom if we curtail it among certain believing or disbelieving groups?

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