Hugh Jackman’s opening number at the Oscars®

Hugh Jackmans opening number saluting Oscar® nominated films at the 81st Annual Academy Awards®. With Anne Hathaway.

25 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman’s opening number at the Oscars®

  1. i love movies as mush as the next person but this made nustalgic for musical theatre think if these actor and actresses could do so well in it.

  2. @vsmfpwh oohh true! this video is just OMG i love it BTW peeps use this to get it on your pod >

  3. You make us Aussies proud, Hugh. In that movie which you are Australian, playing an Australian, and the movies called Australia. Even though it’s almost as long as it takes to get from here to the moon

  4. I am now more in love with Hugh Jackman than ever before!! 8DD And I also now am more officially excited for him to play in Les Miserables!!!

  5. I am an Australian actor who plays an Australian who plays in a movie called Australia. XD oh, Hugh! He’s so funny!

  6. look him up singing "oh what a beautiful mornin’" from the musical Oklahoma! simply AMAZING! <3

  7. hahahahahahaha next year i’ll be starring in a film called new zealand hahahahaaaaa omg

  8. yeah saw it already :D i cant believe it, he can sing and dance.. and I just knew that he is a theater actor… O.o

  9. Hugh Jackman. And Anne Hathaway. Together. Singing.
    (Looks at poster for "Les Miserables")
    The Academy Awards must’ve had a time machine. How else could they predict the future so accurately?

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