4 thoughts on “How to Transfer Hosting Accounts for a WordPress Site

  1. Adam..thanks so much, I went through a few videos on Youtube and settled with yours to take me through step by step.

    Very helpful, I had never done it before so I was literally stopping after each step on the video to perform the task.

    Worked well and all is up and running. I did one that wasn’t quite so important in case things went wrong but all is good,

    Thanks heaps and all the best….Peter

  2. Hey Adam, gave you a thumbs up and wanted to thank you for demystifying this process. Following along with your video I was able to transfer a WordPress site to a new server. Awesome job!

  3. Thanks for the video. FYI if you just click Ctrl + A you can select all of the files instead of holding ctrl and clicking them all.

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