23 thoughts on “How To Setup Your Own Hosting

  1. you guys sure aren’t helping, stop saying what hosting company your at, they make money from hostgator, and I must say, hostgator is great, so use it.

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  4. A good starting server is NetworkActiv (free and easy). If you want more umph, go for Apache (free but difficult). Apache will make you growl like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor on steroids! Domain names are free as well. I wish I could say who I use but, I don’t want to sound like a commercial. Good luck everyone!

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  9. HostGator is great, I host many sites with them.

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    Seriously, Hostgator is awesome!

  11. I love HG!
    I got some vouchers to share
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    25% off: thatkidknows25

    Seriously, Hostgator is awesome!

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