How To Setup a Minecraft Server 1.2.5 Hamachi Tutorial No Port Forwarding 1.2.4

Want PLUGINS! Watch BUKKIT video Full instructions- No Router Port Forwarding! Use Hamachi to handle server! Main Channel - Batch File Tutorial click here! - TRY THIS FIRST java -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar Minecraft_Server.exe Batch file versions- Read Slowly, think... Windows 32bit w32bit java OR Windows 64bit w64bit java path would be: "C:Program FilesJavajre6binjavaw.exe" -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar Minecraft_Server.exe ----change jre6 to jre7 if you have java 7 installed Windows 64bit w32bit java installed would be: "C:Program Files (x86)Javajre6binjavaw.exe" -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar Minecraft_Server.exe ----change jre6 to jre7 if you have java 7 installed change 512 to 1024 if you want a gig of ram for the server Hamachi Problems Make sure that there is not a yellow ! Exclamation point next to the people on hamachi, if there is go to the menu System-Preferences then click on Security right click on the names and change them to Trusted. Q.Why cant anyone connect to my Hamachi server. A. The server name and password are cAsE SenSitive, so make sure they capitalize the same way you did, or else remake your server all lowercase to simplify. ITS NOT WORKING STILL!!!!! HELP!!!! Q. Ive done everything right (I think) why cant they connect still. A. If you are connected through a router, then DISABLE Windows Firewall. Also make sure they are typing in the correct address from hamachi <b>...<b>

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  1. hey guys screw hamachi join my server loads of plugins and the first person on get to be an admin the ip is avajosh is the creator and this is avajosh

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  3. can someone PLEASE tell me how to give hamachi internet access because whenever i invite a friend to the minecraft server, my friend says it doesnt work!!!
    Please reply, me and my friend really want to play survival, and dont post a stupid server ip because we want to make our own except for free, so thats why were using hamachi (obviously)

  4. Hello everyone. I set up a server for a building contest. Contestants will have creative mode. Eligible players will have a month to build something amazing and at the end of the month, a winner will be chosen. To be eligible to build you need to donate $5… and the winner takes all… (after server costs of course). If you are interested let me know.

  5. it just sais ‘can’t reach server’ when my friends copy nnd pastes my ipv4 addres… :C

  6. thats because you have cracked minecraft… stupid. Cracked= NO SERVERS!

  7. my server says "can’t reach server" when i type in the address from hamachi to make the server. What to i do! HELP!!

  8. When I try to connect to my server it says "Took to long to log in" can anyone help?

  9. this guy has a lot of potential, he can become like cptsparklez if he goes the right ways

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  12. do you have to give it more memory?. and it my friends keep getting "cant reach server"

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