How To Set Up A WordPress Blog From Scratch- Using Cheap Domain Names and Hosting

The Hustlers MindSet Project Hustlers MindSet Tips Storage Auction PodCast iTunes Private Videos Storage Auction Book Yo! My name is Glendon Cameron If you want storage auction advice and you are not wimpy, you will love this channel! I was a storage auction hound for eight years and now I am retired. I will give you the good the bad and the ugly about the storage auction game! Interesting interviews about me- My first book interview- After leaving the storage auction business in 2009, he decided to return to writing a first love. Penning 8 books in three years. Glendon Cameron a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of business experience ranging from management, marketing, outside sales and running his own company. For the last three years he has educated and entertained a growing following on his Youtube Channel "Glendon007" with over 500 videos, the core topic of storage auctions and the resale business. On his blog blog posts delve into many topics straight from the hip truths, laced with hearty dose of humor, while driving home salient points. His books deal with elements of business, life, truth and the funny side of reality. To connect with Glendon like his Facebook page Twitter @ Glendon_Cameron

8 thoughts on “How To Set Up A WordPress Blog From Scratch- Using Cheap Domain Names and Hosting

  1. I heard years ago you only put in a name into the search if you are willing to buy it right then. Cyber squatters look up the previously searched names and buy those domains. Just thought I would mention it.

  2. That is interesting, I know I have discovered many domain names I wanted were taken, but never one that I was researching. I put storageauctionshogun in a weeks ago and just bought it yesterday. But I would not be surprised, I had to wait 4 years to get glendoncameron back after my designer let it go! Expired domain names are snatched up with a quickness ( well after 60 days)

  3. Glendon, do you know if ebay allow hotlink to your website store within your ebay listing? They are eating up my profits with fees, and I’m seriously thinking of starting my own webstore and just drive traffic to it from my listings on ebay.

  4. Nope! Not going to happen, you can’t even put text in your images to direct people off the ebay platform. Remember they are not your customers, they are ebays.

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