How To Set Up A Website (Free Unlimited Host and Domain)

If you want to see the page: A few people have asked me how to do this. The video is 6 minutes long but thats only because I was stopping in between and explaining each thing. Setting it up on your own only takes maybe two minutes and its really simple. Sorry for the flickering. I had the video separated and just merged it together before uploading. I use FileZilla for FTP (file transfers). http Thanks for watching.

4 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Website (Free Unlimited Host and Domain)

  1. I was just wondering. I’ve done everything like you said, but the dot tk domain name isn’t showing up in my register.  I signed it, registered it and followed the same steps. Also used x10 hosting. Do I have to wait for this to register and show up in my list?

  2. I believe when you first sign up you do have to be "approved" or you may have to wait for domains to show up in the domain panel. Sorry for not mentioning that in the video.

  3. Thank you for the reply. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Other than that, I did everything as you said. I’ll have to go back to my Cpanel though looks like when it shows up. I like your tutorial though. Very in depth.

  4. Just for future reference, if you are having issues getting your things set up I am pretty sure requires your account to be "approved" for use. So when you sign up you may have to wait for that. I am 100% sure that your account needs to be approved for x10hosting to avoid spammers though, so you will definitely have to wait for your hosting to be approved.

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