How to Make a Website for Free with Free Web Hosting! (This one Works) . . http This Tutorial shows you how to create your own website for free. It also shows you how to get your own domain name, and your own free webhost!

24 thoughts on “How to Make a Website for Free with Free Web Hosting! (This one Works)

  1. can u make a video were instead of it saying just like .com or .net

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  3. dude its asking for credit cards and all type of nothing free on this site ish

  4. is this realy free i need a forum for my servers and i dont want to pay a lot of money for it so i realy need to know :D

  5. Much better web host, just sign up quickly and you won’t be disappointed:

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  8. Something similar happens to me as well. When I click the link in question, it tells me "Connection Refused"

  9. fiverr(dot)com/ci_ti12/offer-you-the-e_book-how-to-create-your-own-websiteblog_a-simple-guide-for-beginners

  10. the link that u posted up for the web hosting, its not free anymore on top of that its doesnt look like your video, so im guess alot had change. can you do an update of this great Tutorial?

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