How To Install WordPress on Go Daddy Hosting Account How to install WordPress,WordPress template and plugins to Godaddy Blog or Website themeforrest Themes:

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the video.I just moved my wordpress to godaddy.I installed wp and uploaded all backup&MSQL files.When I installed wp,I can access to login my wp dashboard and can see my site’s page.But after restoring the MSQL,I am getting troubles of Blank Screen of Death every time with my url.I had uninstalled and reinstalled the wp 3 times.When I have done fresh install everything is ok.But the problem is repeating after restoring the MSQL file.Will please help me to resolve this.

  2. This is continuation…
    My wordpress is old version when it was on previous host.I don’t know the exact version.But godaddy supporting with 3.3 version.I think the problem is up date of the wp&old version of DB.Please help me to resolve it immediately asap.I have been triening this for the 3days.
    Please please send me it to my email:

  3. Thank you Avoid Errors, your tutorial is really helpful for beginners like myself. Continue the great work!

  4. nvm found it, its without the space, but could you explain more on these plugins?

  5. I’m new at this… If I bought a domain and have NORMAL hosting, then is WordPress free???

  6. Thank you Miguel. Your video has been very informative for us newbies in the web development arena. Hope to catch more videos on web related issues.

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