How to get free domains from Google [com,net,org,info]

This video shows you how to get free domain names from Google and Intuit. Get as many domains as you want for 5 minutes of work! The domains that you can choose are: comnetorgbizinfoname . Websites used: Free domain: Fake Identity Free VCC In this video Im showing how to create a free VCC (empty credit card) for the bill part (they added it 3 days ago!) http

25 thoughts on “How to get free domains from Google [com,net,org,info]

  1. Okay guys, I saw that now they want credit cards! But you can use VCCs.
    Tomorrow I’ll upload a new video shows how to get a free VCC!

  2. sir where can i register?
    My Country is the Philippines!
    you think it works for my country?

  3. @spleken001 No, as I said in the video, use details from

  4. @MoneyMakerChannel ohh its worked for me
    but i have a question
    i have mu online private server
    can i use it to my server?

  5. I managed to have the domain .com and I started creating the website but when I publish the site,i got this message:" Your page has not been published.You have reached the 10 page limit for your account.Click the Upgrade button below to close SiteBuilder and upgrade your account."
    I don’t want to pay and I had already finished the design but I can not publish all my work.
    thx.How can i do?

  6. @phil7ix It isn’t true at all.
    As you can see, the domain that I got is still working!

  7. @TheManuzstyle I don’t think you should use their site builder, Just open a hosting.

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