How To: Free Redirecting Domains,,, and .tk [HD QUALITY]

This video will teach you how to get a free domain. Not a .com, .net, or .info (must buy those types of domains), but free redirecting domains that are almost as effective. These are perfect for masking a site or to simply give yourself a tad more of a professional appeal to your audience. **YES, I know lots of people have made videos on this. I made it in response to my last video (about websites). I told me viewers I would make this video. LINKS: .CO.CC .CO.NR http .TK MY SITE TWITTER MAKE MONEY TOGETHER: featured Failblog Please rate, comment and subscribe to this video. 8) Thanks, -VvCompHelpvV

25 thoughts on “How To: Free Redirecting Domains,,, and .tk [HD QUALITY]

  1. freedomains.multistereo. com
    best service in my opinion. just remove space between dot and com ;)

  2. Here is a way to get .com domain name without paying. This is perfect for noobs who are just starting their Internet income.

    Step 1: for free.
    Step 2: Earn points by completing free and easy surveys, or by referring other users.
    Step 3: Swap your points for free domain names (com, net, org, biz, us, tv, ca, mobi, tel).

  3. @TonicTech thanks for helping just i got redirected to a website with now i understand it was just a free way to run the website and a way to help them get more vistors

  4. Details:
    Web page:
    Comment: Access to the web page was blocked by ESET NOD32 Antivirus. The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous contents.

  5. @grapjesdude I Fixed that by going into ESET’s settings so dont be a noob writing this and fix it by going into your settings. CO.CC ARE NOT DANGEROUS PEOPLE eset does that cause its a NON payed domian

  6. @wwmitchelww1 Do you know what a "Noob" is? Like I can see out of your comment, you don’t know it, because if you did, you would’nt use "Noob" in that Reaction ;-)

  7. @grapjesdude Dude is was just Explaining that ESET only blocks those site cause there non-payed domian there not dangerous i got a site and i was blocked but my site wasn’t dangerous so i got my settings in ESET right. And you didn’t know that thats why i called you a noob.

  8. Amazing! Thanks to you and your videos, now I can make a website for my ma and her Dog Training Business, and for myself and the video game I am creating. Your a helpful man, man!

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