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24 thoughts on “How to Forward a Domain Name with Godaddy []

  1. So the original domain name shows up in URL box after the forwarding? So its not obvious that it was forwarded?

  2. how long did it take for this to work? ive seen someone do this in 5 minutes, mine is showing its there but still not showing up

  3. thanks a million. Dude you have the best voice, you kind of sound like Christian Bale. You should do audio books, seriously.

    Thanks again for the help.

  4. thanks, godaddy has changed a bit, but the guide was still helpfull. seems to be working.

  5. This is really good information, good video.I’ll have to see what else I can find about this.

  6. When you redirect from ezinearticles directly to the affiliate sales page, can you make Money that way?? Or is it best to presell on your own landing page?

  7. I would go to your own landing page. But you’re allowed 2 or 3 links in the resource box. If going to affiliate page just make sure you don’t violate that article directories terms of service or it won’t get published.

  8. hi

    i used google site to register a domain name. i also used google to make my website.

    can i transfer the domain to go daddy?

    i want to cancel my website with google and restart everything with godaddy. is this possible?

  9. wait i just purchased a domain name from godaddy, so i need to buy hosting from them, or some other website also to get it to work online? (im doing a simple portfolio by the way) thanks!

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