How to Dominate Your Market With These Free Internet Marketing Techniques Atlanta, GA - January, 7 2013 - Internet marketer Jinger Jarrett is offering a free internet marketing webinar to teach online and offline business owners how to get more traffic and sales in 2013. Jarrett, an expert in marketing businesses on the internet for free, has included 10 top internet marketing techniques, as well as 12 websites crucial to business owners success when marketing on the internet. Jarrett created this webinar because she realized that many business owners were struggling to get traffic to their websites because they didnt understand how to market on the internet. Many business owners didnt understand what the most effective internet marketing techniques were, or how to use those techniques to get conversions. The webinar, which is 90 minutes long, shows small business owners each of the 10 techniques available and then shows them how to apply them to their businesses. She also discusses the top 12 websites that are getting the most traffic so that business owners know where to go to market once they have created their marketing materials. "It seems that the more things change, the more things stay the same," she said. "If businesses want to make more money online, then they have to develop a solid content strategy to promote their businesses. Although shopping is popular on the internet, many people are looking for information. Especially for those who own offline businesses, reviews are often available online. Consumers will <b>...<b>