How to create an add-on domain in cPanel – RVblue Tutorials

• Log into cPanel. • Use Addon Domain feature to add another domain name to the account. • Click on Domains : Addon Domains icon. • Fill in details. Enter new domain name, SubdomainFTP Username, Document Root Home, Password and confirmation of password. Click on Add on domain button, when done. • New domain will be created and website files need to be uploaded to directory of • New FTP account will be created for add-on domain. You can check it by clicking Home and opening FTP accounts in files section. Scroll down and check the FTP account automatically created for new Add-on domain. • Now, for removing add-on domains; Click Home and go to Add on domains in Domains section. Scroll down and check domain list. Click on Remove button from the domain you wish to remove. The domain will be removed and automatically, FTP account will also be removed.