How To Connect Contact Form To Godaddy Hosting Tutorials Lesson 18 - Connect your contact form to your web hosting account. We are going to connect our contact form to Godaddy form mail script. This is very easy to do. Congratulations everyone you have just finished the contact form page.

24 thoughts on “How To Connect Contact Form To Godaddy Hosting Tutorials Lesson 18

  1. I am registered with is someone who knows what the form is there, so i can make my page:) help :D

  2. hey’ i’ve followed your tytorial but i’m still having trouble. i’m working with windows so i used "_gdForm/webformmailer.asp" but when i hit submit i keep getting a 404 error. i have my hidden feilds set up and the thank you page also but im still not getting anywhere :S

  3. This is one of the best tutorials on this subject. I wonder if you could help with a little problem. I did everything you instructed and everything works fine except the thankyou redirect. Instead of going to my thankyou page, it redirects to my home page. I double checked my hidden redirect setting and it does indicate the thankyou.html page. I am hosted by godaddy. Thanks

  4. Hey, 1stoptutorials, thanks for your time in putting this together. Think you can do one for creating Newsletters in using their compiler? My Grandma is having problems and this video was great, I think you could help her!

  5. Doesn’t anybody find it strange that a Man who is so popular & well liked over the internet & famous for his fantastic tutorials, That he just DISAPPEARS from the internet 11 months ago????? Does anybody know him in real life? is safe and well? People don’t just disappear?

  6. Im having the same problems as lilazeonboa "404 Not found" Can you please let me know wat I must do.. I used both webformmail.asp and gdform.php… so im at a stand still..

  7. hey i figure it out. I’am using linux package. So inside the form in the action, I typed down "/gdform.php" and it works. I don’t know y it didn’t work before but i guess i didnt put the back slash. Hope this helps

  8. Ill Try it again but both ways i think doesnt work.. dont know if i am missing anything or mess up my coding… I need a small form with a name n email for users to subscribe to the company.. the form is located on the home page.. does that effect anything?

  9. Hey. This is an awesome tutorial and thanks for all the help. I have my entire website up for my business, but my contact form is the only thing not working. I don’t want to send people there yet in case they try to contact me through the form for fear that I will miss important emails. I followed all your instructions and everything works. I am using windows 7, but my hosting account was accidently set up as a linux account. That hasn’t affected anything else though.

  10. When I use the _webformmail.asp it sends me to a broken link, but when I use /gdform.php it redirects perfectly. The only problem is that I checked my email (yahoo rocketmail to be specific) and I didn’t receive the email. Help please!

  11. Hi, Thanks for the video. I have a standard php form which work in almost in all the servers but not in godaddy. I was struggling to make a form to work in godaddy for the past one week. And your video has helped me. Thanks a lot.

  12. Thank you so much for this video and your others as well. This was easier than I thought it would be.

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  14. Hi, very cool tutorial, thank you!
    I ran into a problem; initially the hidden redirect field took me to my thankyou.html page no problem. Now it will not work no matter what I do…what could possibly be preventing the hidden redirect field from working. I tried to redirect it anywhere I could but to no avail…any help will be very much appreciated…thank you!

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