How To Choose The Right Domain Name- Setting Up Your Website Deciding what domain name to choose can be difficult unless you put the work in when doing your keyword research. Use Google, Amazon, and as many other locations to find whats popular and whats not then youll be sure to get something good, something that people are already searching for. After youve done your keyword research develop a list of 100 or more possible domain names and check for availability. Then after youve written out your list leave it alone for a day. Go back the next day and choose 3 of the best ones and buy them. Why do you want 3 separate domains? I know its a little different than what youve been taught and Id like to take credit it for it but I cant. I learned it from Jeff Johnson. What you do is set up all three sites to market your product. Ill go into that at another time. After youve purchased your domains names write them down and keep track of everything you need for each domain. I set up a database in excel where I detail each site. You need to keep track of when you purchased it, where you purchased it, when it will expire, who hosts it and all of the passwords you set up for it.

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