How To Buy Horrible Stupid Domain Names is one of them ooooooh – for real these are all actual horrible domain names I have actually owned. I got all the domains via godaddy. You can see more of my stuff on my channel – buy my books and read my blog at http The book on the screen is one of mine: The Christmas Bridge: A Timeless Excitement Fable – Im on Twitter at http

25 thoughts on “How To Buy Horrible Stupid Domain Names

  1. @lasterdayfilms well i suppose kurtmeister dot com would be great :))) hahahah p.s wheres the hat!

  2. @lasterdayfilms

    more into Will Smith films myself. let’s plan to see MIB³ together whaddya say?

  3. @mellehuntress okey but it is no guarantee they will finish that in a timely manner

  4. @lasterdayfilms we have talked on the phone 2 times now. pretty solid relationship right there

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  6. I’ve been thinking about buying a ridiculous domain name for years now, and now you’ve convinced me. I’m so buying it.

  7. @lasterdayfilms Haha, I can’t tell you.. You’d just register it first. Plus it’s it’s in bad taste and it’s not exactly family friendly humour.

  8. Apparently, I’m even more behind in these videos than I thought. You have ALF!!! I’m relieved he’s alive and jealous that he lives with you. Though, he’d try to eat my cat…. might be worth it.

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