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24 thoughts on “How To Buy A Domain with GoDaddy Tutorial: How To Register A Domain

  1. hi

    i used google site to register a domain name. i also used google to make my website.

    can i transfer the domain to go daddy?

    i want to cancel my website with google and restart everything with godaddy. is this possible?

  2. I like host gator a lot better, i got $10 dollars off a domain i purchased. all i had to do was type in the word discount145 in the coupon code

  3. with this GoDaddy, you don’t have to have a webhosting server such as FileZilla or 000webhost, right?

  4. Someone please. Im about to renew my 1 year web page, How can I check my page visits, need to know if is worth. Thanks

  5. You would need to have set up Google Analytics to see that. You may also go to Alexa and look up your domain and see how they rank your site according to the visits you’ve gotten. That might help.

  6. That is correct, you can use their file upload in the back office. However, Filezilla is much much faster and efficient, I think.

  7. So i want to make a online store, but im not understanding the steps, the first thing is to buy a domain and then hosting, right? And a domain is basically a website name & im not sure what hosting is. Oh and can i have a different company like godaddy for a domain and a different company for hosting right?

  8. if u purchase a domain on Go Daddy can you sell it on say another domain site like Sedo? I am trying to understand how this works….thanks

  9. I know now how to register a domain name, BUT HOW DO YOU UPLOAD YOUR WEBSITE TO THE INTERNET???!!

  10. Before this…. Make sure you check a tool like PR Powershot (google it) so you can actually see if there is an AGED domain with pagerank for (less) than you buy a new one for….

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