How To Build A Solar Panel – Part 5

Watch in HD Watch The First Part of This Project First At: Visit Solar Tech Town for the full video: I, Robert Smith, show you every step I take to building a custom made solar panel from scratch. I explain in detail about each item I use and why to use it, so the video is fairly long. I will be hosting the majority of the video on my own server so you can view it all in one take. It will take time to edit the video, but the more of you that subscribe to the video, the faster Ill try to get it out to you guys as it just shows that people are interested and appreciate what Im doing, as Im providing this video for free unlike some videos you see on YouTube. The method I described in this video is just one way to go about it, however, there are many ways you can build a custom solar panel. Some use aluminum or plastic frames, but I found for a beginner, working with wood would probably be easier and cheaper. Overall, building a solar panel can be fun, but there are many factors that play into building a solar panel, and I as well still have an extreme amount to still learn about it. So I hope that for those wanting to learn more about solar energy and wanting to take the adventure of building their own solar panel will find this video very useful. To watch to full video just video, just visit Again the video is fairly large, so to prevent from having to put 6 or 7 parts on youtube in 10 minute sections, Im just <b>...<b>

24 thoughts on “How To Build A Solar Panel – Part 5

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  2. Hi Robert
    can u pls help me with how u connected the tabbing wire to get positive and negative connections. I’ll b glad if u can make a little drawning & email it to me
    On how u got positive & negative using the tabbing wire.
    God bless u 4 ur videos

  3. You keep calling it silcon… it’s silicone… I say, it’s your video, you can call it cotton candy if you want. These videos are an excellent DIY solar project… and considering that you are obviously an amatuer (as you implied in your first video), my hat’s off to you, I can’t wait to try building a few of these myself.

  4. — I would NOT try and get 130volts / 260 cells connected like you’re thinking. You need to remember, solar pv is DC voltage. Get your voltage up to 12v by connecting your panels in series like he shows, then connect 12 volt sets in parallel to increase your amperage. Connect the final result to an inverter (at any auto parts store) to convert the output to AC voltage which will come out at 110/120v AC at whatever amperage is available.

  5. The inverter you buy at the auto parts store are usually labels as 7500w. P (watts) = I (amps) x E (volts). A typical inverter, like what I use on my service truck to charge drill batteries is 1500w…. which is about 12 amps at 120v AC.

    Check the package, and it should tell you what the DC amp draw is, and that’s what your going to try and match up to your Solar output at 12v. (Some "Diesel" inverters are 24v DC)

  6. Hey, very good videos
    I’ve learned a lot of it but wich solarcels did you use? and where have you bought them?

  7. A lot of work, effort and patience were put in these videos. Great Job.

    I only have 1 inconvenient. I don<t seem do be finding the eBay link to the solar cells.

    I am very anxious to start this project.



  8. Does the silicon ever wear out over time, meaning would I need to open the panel back up eventually and re-glue the solar cells to the wood?

  9. It’s probably the same material mixed differently. For example, the silicon that augments breasts probably doesn’t harden the same way and remains fluid. I’ve often found that when something is given the same name, it’s often the same material being used differently, concentrated differently, or mixed differently.

    For example, iron that’s found in cereal is the same iron found in nails, and the same found in dirt. Use a magnet, you can prove it to yourself.

  10. In a previous video, it looked like you put the tabbing wires on the back of the first one and then onto the front of the next one. Is that a better way vs putting them on the front of the first one and then to the back of the next one and on down? Or does it have to be from back to front rather than front to back?

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  12. Love this video’s planning on a nice patio. I want to build some of these to light it up at night, Maybe even light up around the house too. Thanks for doing this. ☺

  13. Have you tried building some Solar Trees?? to power landscape lights and outdoor night lights?

  14. Can you explain the positive and negative ends and which ones the are. Are they the tops or bottoms? Are all the tops on one end of the panel or is it mixed up with top and bottom

  15. Silicon is the word for the metal… Silicone is probably the breast augmenting material… Ironically.

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