How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

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22 thoughts on “How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

  1. thehortitron, if they WOULD lose rankings because the value of the keyword in the domain is taken – such sites should seriously check their content :) Its an unlikely scenario that a site with otherwise good and relevant content would lose ranking simply because G doesnt value the *domain* anymore. It’s like..does your girlfriend/wife become less attractive if she doesn’t wear lipstick?

  2. Interesting move for us all to adapt too! this will be a major distruption for many real estate website sites that rely on location laden domain names in order to rank.
    Seems to me that this move is OK for the branded portal but a nightmare for the little guy?

  3. Everybody who got excited over this video needs to listen to it again very carefully. Google hasn’t done any "turning down the knob on keyword rich URLs". He specifically said they were looking at that issue and thinking about it, not that they have done it.

  4. Like Twitter or Facebook? Yes Matt, we all have the marketing budgets of Twitter or Facebook, I know I do.

    Why is it every time I watch a Matt Cutts video I feel like I’m being spoken down to from above? Maybe I am.

  5. "How to persuade the little people to opt for a brandable domain name when I know they’re better off, according to our current method for ranking exact match domains, to opt for a target keyword in the domain". Also known as we have a problem but I will use my intense publicity to provide them with counter-productive advice with a friendly face.

  6. Is this an advance warning for us to start changing our strategy? After farmer/panda are keyword domains next? Interesting to see what will happen over the next few months, maybe a load of keyword domain sites will be slapped down and replaced with branded ones. So grateful I told my clients not to focus on this 100% but to get their business domain name to rank for their keyword PLUS have a keyword domain too. Wonder if this will be different for local business domain names. Time will tell.

  7. Thank you Mark for sharing your advice with us. My site went from 0 to 4 in three months. I have followed your advice from all your videos and it has worked for me.
    Great advice!

  8. Hi There Matt,
    Thanks heaps for your clip, it’s great to have your advice especially as I am starting out in this industry.
    regards Jeff.

  9. "People have complained that we give too much weight to keyword domains" — Damn right you do!! Almost every keyword I search has at least one crappy site with an exact domain match.

  10. "Branding" is really a shot in the dark.

    What are the chances you are going to be on the the level of twitter or yahoo?

    Bottom line : if you don’t appear in the google search you have no chance at all. At least with keywords, you have a better chance of at least showing up in the google listings.

    Branding = B*llsh*t for the most part.

  11. recently google just dropped my ranking from N.2 to N.6 …. everyone that moved ahead of me has the keyword in their domains, and I don’t … so please google, adjust it

  12. Matt, I have just found u thank the universe for guys like you to help peole like me… and Free…XXXX

  13. I honestly think that keyword laden URLS should have no more merit than urls that don’t. It just invites people to buy spammy URLS that may be hard for people to remember, and doesn’t really add any extra value or credibility to the site. For example, most poker gambling sites make heavy use of this tactic, and in reality they offer little or no value to users. The fact that they get any added boost in relation to any other site is realistically unfair.

  14. Matt Cutt Kafali, You give great value to %4-5 keyword stuffing and it really turns my contents to "you know". Stop acting like genius and find a solution to give value to real, natural and informative contents that make the keyword domains more valuable and natural.

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