How I Learned Internet Marketing - Dont be afraid to get on peoples list that you deem successful. Study what they do and mimic your business after people who are successful. If you are looking to get started building your online business be sure to click the link above and get started. Jon McNeil

9 thoughts on “How I Learned Internet Marketing

  1. Hey Tom,

    That’s a great question and a question I could clearly fill up this comment box with….For those looking for a great traffic generation eduction I would definitely check out High Traffic Academy, with that being said some of the hot traffic getting methods today are:

    – solo ads
    – ezine solos
    – purchasing banner ads on high ranked internet marketing blogs
    – PPV
    – newspapers – don’t sleep on this one
    – video marketing

    Most importantly traffic generation boils down to consistency.

  2. Hey Jon glad to see your back with more videos:-) This strategy is in fact the first thing I did. I set up a separate email from my main one and got on all of the marketers I follow. Great advice!

  3. What’s up Manie,

    Yeah, I’ll never go away too long. Good to hear from you, let’s connect soon.
    P.S. I still use this method to this day.


  4. Yeah Jon, nice to know your always going to be around on here. Sorry about the Skype connect. I’m away on the weekends and using Skype on my Iphone is not the same as on my laptop. Would be good to catch up.


  5. I’m on your list Jon and glad I am… You’ve taught me a lot about marketing.

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