How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? Click the link above to learn more Affiliate Marketing Is…. …Pay-for-performance. You only earn money as an affiliate if youre producing results for the merchant of a product or network such as Google, whether its from sales, clicks or registrations. …Big business! Affiliates worldwide collectively earn billions of dollars each year. One report estimated that affiliates in the UK alone earned over 2 billion dollars in 2006. Of course within that there are affiliates turning over millions of dollars a year, affiliates who scrape by earning $20week and everything in between. …A long established business model. Affiliate marketing has been around since people realized the Internet could be used for commerce. One of the earliest big affiliate programs was started by in 1996 (although, just quietly, their commissions arent anything to write home about!) …Internet-based. You can promote yourself or your website using offline methods, but when it comes to earning commissions, all the tracking and processing is done through the Internet. Theres no door-to-door selling here! …Open to anyone. You dont need any special credentials to be an affiliate. Since affiliate marketing is pay-for-performance, most affiliate programs are open to anyone, regardless of whether youre experienced or a complete novice. You also dont need to be a computer genius to be a successful affiliate – everyone goes through the same <b>…<b>