How Do You Pick a Good Domain Name? Tips to Help You Find a Good URL Choosing a good domain name is critical to SEO or personal branding. Dean Ethridge, Attraction Marketing Mentor, gives some great tips on picking a good domain! The right domain name can give you a huge boost for SEO, or search engine optimization, and the wrong domain can really hurt your SEO. Try choosing a domain name that has your keyword or phrase already in the domain, and make sure the domain has good keyword density. Keyword density in a domain helps for SEO, and it can be a variation of the original word. Keyword density of 60% or greater based on your domain length should help you improve your search engine rankings. Choose a domain that is short in length, and rememberable as well. A long domain name isnt easy to remember, but those domains sometimes work ok for landing pages. Take your time, pick the right domain, and you will see that it will help your SEO on your blog site, or helps people remember who you are online. All the best! Dean