Hottest at the London Olympics 2012

The London Olympics 2012, while hosting some of the toughest competitions ever, also brings with it a parade of good looking and well-trained athletes who charm not just with their talent but also their charisma and good looks. London 2012 Olympic Games BBC Blu-ray London 2012 Olympics Video Game London 2012 Olympic Games Blu-ray Region Free Take a look at some of the hottest stars from the Olympics 2012 in the gallery and try not to get too heated up while at it. Amy Rodriguez Country: USA Sport: Soccer Ana Ivanovic Country: Serbia Sport: Tennis Andrea Baldini Country: Italy Sport: Fencing Brady Ellison Country: USA Sport: Archery Camille Lacourt Country: France Sport: Swimming Christina Vukicevic Country: Norway Sport: Hurdles Clemente Russo Country: Italy Sport: Boxing Darya Klishina Country: Russia Sport: Long jump Eloise Amberger Country: Australia Sport: Synchronised swimming George Kitchens Country: USA Sport: Long jump Hope Solo Country: USA Sport: Football (goalkeeper) James Magnussen Country: Australia Sport: Swimming Jessica Ennis Country: Great Britain Sport: Athletics: Hurdles, Heptathlon Kobe Bryant Country: USA Sport: Basketball Kohei Uchimura Country: Japan Sport: Gymnastics – Artistic Koji Murofushi Country: Japan Sport: Hammer throw Lee Yong-dae Country: South Korea Sport: Badminton Lei Sheng Country: China Sport: Fencing Leryn Franco Country: Paraguay Sport: Javelin Marcel Nguyen Country: Germany Sport: Gymnastics Maria Sharapova <b>…<b>

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  1. Son Yeon Jae is not only beautiful beyond the legal, she’s also an amazing gymnast. And so nice and cute in interviews. I just hope she gets to the podium next time. And I’m a heterosexual girl, but good Lord, she’s the cutest, prettiest, most graceful thing I’ve ever seen. She’s the only human being that’s cuter and more graceful than kittens and baby deers at the same time.

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