Hosting Cod4 Mod Menu (PIMP)

To get this mod menu 1.SUBSCRIBE 2,Leave Gamertag like this video Please Need a coHost?: I only CO-HOST if u infecting me with infinite R2Ror bether I co-host INFECTIONS for a 1 hole day

24 thoughts on “Hosting Cod4 Mod Menu (PIMP)

  1. i can give yes but it wont be the same menu and i only gives menys/infections for subscribers btw. (INFECTION 1 Time free) (MENU = SUB ONLY)

  2. @tDarkVirus96ModZ yeah dont worry, ill subscribe =)
    i just wanted to know if your still doing them, before i subscribed =)

  3. my X360 is on repair at this time =( but u get Invited so fast i get it back =)

  4. hey mate, just wondering if you could give me infections ;) nice vid btw…. subbed and gt is, "ZinK x Pyro

  5. I subbed, liked, and faved this vid, my PSN gamertag is, ATHF-SHAKEZULA22

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