Hosting Cod4 Challenge Lobby

OPEN ME! Alright Youtube, here is my first upload a cod 4 challenge lobby hosted by me. If you would like a CL on this CoD please subscribe and comment your PSN I will add you. Stay active and stay updated more vids coming soon drop a likecomment? It helps :). How to get in my lobby: step1: like my video step2: share it and favourite step3: leave back feedback on comments step4: add IDModder and ill accept you when i do a open lobby step5: make sure u are subbed to step6: wait to be accecpted :D Song Yonas Nobody else –

23 thoughts on “Hosting Cod4 Challenge Lobby

  1. Hey ive just subbed you and your SDhackz i wont be on till tomoz so can you can me CL for then please my user: Zlaqe_Fohdo

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