Web Hosting Commercial 2012 HostDime Web Hosting Commercial 2012 filmed by Brighthouse Networks at the DimeNOC datacenter in Orlando, FL. Transcript Are you looking for a reliable and secure location for your company servers? Welcome to HostDime, a state of the art data center here in Orlando. With over 6000 servers and 2 million websites, our 20000 square foot facility in Orlando features tier one connectivity, video surveillance, access control, and is manned 24.7 to ensure the safety and security of your servers. Interested in colocation and dedicated servers? Contact our local sales and support center anytime day or night, or log on to where customer service is our first priority.

8 thoughts on “ Web Hosting Commercial 2012

  1. I’ve been with Hostdime for 10 years. I love them.  Always get someone on the phone within 2 minutes, talking to very knowledgeable support staff.

  2. I switched to HostDime a few years ago for reseller hosting and couldn’t be happier.  Impressed with their customer service!

  3. We are relatively new with HD but they have great support techs and knowledgable management staff. We are pleased to have them managing our infrastructure!

  4. I’ve been with Hostdime for over 5 years as a reseller. I could not be happier. Hostdime is truly there for me 24 x 7. I can call anytime and all of the staff provides STELLAR customer service. 5 STARS.

  5. I’ve been with hostdime for about 10 months. No down time or any problems at all. I have the standard plan with high traffic sites and I have not had any complaints about data usage being overused on my side. Also the staff is very kind and supportive. Best web host in the world, I say. :)

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