22 thoughts on “Host Multiple Sites and Domains on the Same GoDaddy Hosting Account

  1. Do we need to do an Index.asp to redirecting or separate more than 2 domains name? in the same Host.!
    I have no idea how to make instruccions on them I just got to domains and one host in Godaddy and I can not do it.! can you help me please : )

  2. you don’t need an .asp file.

    follow the instructions on the video, and you’ll be set up.

    you should be able to access each domain individually after that without any .asp files.

  3. I got it.!! Thanks, it really works 5***** n u r in Favorites, I am going to play a little more on it thanks :)

  4. Thanks Ken. It woks i now i have the Deluxe account i use to have Economy. Do you use Joomla or WordPress to edit your website. What do you use?

  5. i build sites with wordpress. i like it and it can do a lot. to tell you the truth, i’ve never tried joomla, and i’ve heard some people swear by it. i’m pretty good with wordpress, and i’m building a site right now so i can create WP sites for people. i’ll tell you what… if your site is in wordpress, i’ll have a quick look at it for you if you know what it is you wanna do. if it’s something quick, i’ll fix it free. if it’s something more lengthy, i’ll give you a fair price.

  6. hi thanks a lot. If i bought the domain in another domainname provider and I changed the dns to godaddy. Do i need to do something else to connect the domain to the hosting? thanks

  7. Ken, Good info. I’m posting this link on GoDaddy’s Forum. Only (1) thing not discussed and that’s file protocol in GoDaddy’s "cpanel." You don’t want to create subdirectories under your Root or main directory, you will screw up your main/default website. You have to create a new directory for each website and then upload files via FTP. And if you’re using Linux, which is case sensitive, make SURE your file names match up. Got anymore thoughts Ken?

  8. Great video, it helped alot and I did not have to call godaddy for help, thanks Ken

  9. Great video, it helped alot and I did not have to call godaddy for help, thanks Ken

  10. Ken, this was a great tutorial. I have the WordPress hosting which also hosts multiple accounts, but I can seem to separate the WordPress I have for my primary account so I can work on a second one for my wife. Any thoughts?

  11. Can you update this topic as GoDaddy has changed their layout. I cant seem to navigate around it properly.
    thanx a ton

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