Homopolar Motor Version 2 – Sick Science! #035

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24 thoughts on “Homopolar Motor Version 2 – Sick Science! #035

  1. That is the Laplace Force. It is this way that electric engines work. Once it has started to rotate, the only thing that slows it is friction with air, but it is really weak so it spins and spins and spins… Nevertheless, if you had put something with much larger tip than a screw, it would have slowed much faster (yep, it can slow fast… :))

  2. you can check hardware stores, and they are available at stevespanglerscience. com as well.

  3. Ummmmm, just the neodyium magnet takes the force 1st when he takes it from battery and became the negative pole , and 2ed when he takes from the wire the kintic energy that happen when to electric current meet each other

  4. can we use an ordinary small disk magnet that can hoid the nail to the battery ????/?? reply anyone

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