Hmoong Idol Karaoke Music Video – Tos Ntsoov Hnub Koj Rov Los.avi

For all the fans and the support. A preview (more of a pre-release leak) of the music video to be released Fresno Hmong New Year. This is the final production of this song and your the first to see it! The DVD will be available during the Fresno New Year.Look for the posters and the Apple Video banner. With success of the Thailand Hmong Idol of 2008, we plan on hosting a similar event for the United States or an international competition. Keep in touch with Apple Video Production for more information. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -AVP

23 thoughts on “Hmoong Idol Karaoke Music Video – Tos Ntsoov Hnub Koj Rov Los.avi

  1. Her voice is ok, but a little voice toning here and there will definitely help.

  2. not a fan of the voice or the singing.. the song, music lyrics etc.. is great!!

  3. Kuv xav hais tias tus singer no hu tau ya suab zoo kawg lawm, tab sis nws hnav cov tshoos tsho tsis phim cov ntxhais seev cev li. Yog tias lwm daim no ces ua kom match mas tshe ha yam zoo saib heev.

  4. true; sounds like 120xyoo @ the beginning;
    ….btw whose the singer?

  5. Peb hmoob cov music khiab nyiab dhau. Tau 20 lub xyoo no kuv Tsis tau yuav ib Daim cd li.

  6. This girl is better than the Pahoua Xiong girl. Her voice sounds better, and it seems like she has a better idea of what she’s doing.

  7. This girl sing really good and it really touching song.
    Keep it up we’ll support you guy.

  8. omg people. stop complaining ! she actually sings this song pretty good ! she sings better than MOST hmong artist which you all support -_-

  9. คัยว่ะ ไม่ชอบเพลงของพี่ อัง อ๊  พี่อังร้อง ออกจะเพราะ เช้อพวกที่ไม่ชอบน่ะ หูหนวกแล้วมั่ง อิอิอิ นี้ล่ะ ไอดอล ตัวจิง อ๊

  10. I LOVE your voice and your song SO much Very much Too Much … sister… Hopefully you will have a new song for us HMONG PEOPLE …

    I support u SISTER

  11. kuv saib mas koj haj yam khiab nyiab vim tias koj tsis yog ib tus tib neeg uas pab txhawb nqa hmoob koj yog tus rhuav hmoob xwb. yog tias 20 lub xyoo tsis tau yuav ib daim li no ntshe koj npluag dhau lawm.

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