2 thoughts on “Here Are Some Of The Many Reasons, Why my choice was IX Web Hosting

  1. Thanks Jeff it was very helpful,
    i have a couple of things ask you about.
    1st: Rollover and how to do it on iWeb, for example: if you roll the mouse over Apple website’s navigation bar, you see the text and the image behind it change colour, how we can do it on iWeb ?
    2nd: i have CU3OX Slider but i couldn’t open it’s slideshow´╗┐ in i web. how i can do this?
    could u do a video tutorial for it?
    I’m using WOWSlider,it’s really good.
    Thank you & have a great one.

  2. Apple uses image sprites and a fair clip of CSS code to make it all come together.

    Beyond iWeb has an´╗┐ app for making Apple styled menu’s though I have not personally tried this it seem to be fairly straight forward.

    beyondiweb (dot) com/tutorials/Entries/2011/2/16_Apple-Style_Navigation.html

    I will look into the "CU3OX Slider" It looks similar to the WowSlider. I will download it & see how it puts the slideshows together

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