20 thoughts on “Guide to Hosting a Slumber Party (disney channel)

  1. This can’t be a coincedince. I was looking at scary maze reactions (coz they’re funny:) and then I see Natalia from school!?

  2. really? your hating on a 10 year old? well that just goes to show how pathetic some people can be whilst hiding behind a computer screen..

  3. @adan sororka wooow pathetic. I thot this was a really nice video! Great job!!! I love the name natalia! Thats my friends name. And if is was so stupid then why did u watch it!? Stop hating on her u lowlife coward.

  4. And the lion king thing was SUPPOSED to be funny! But obviously u r to ignorant and humorless to get that.

  5. And that is again really pathetic that u have NOTHING else better to do than to search this nice and beautiful girl’s video and try to put her down. U try to put down and act powerful against this little girl but in the end, ur the lowlife stupid coward. Ur so so sooo ignorant. She was just having fun with her friends! I remember how exciting it was to do this stuff when i was 10! It was so exciting! Like making a cute website! So Natalia, i loved ur video and continue to have fun. Ignore the

  6. were you the real girl on the Disney channel? I watched that ur REALLY good at acting!!!!!!! :)

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