Great Tips on Building Your Online Brand

Great Tips on Building Your Online Brand: A recognizable brand in a marketplace is a valuable commodity. When consumers are loyal, they might just shop by logo and always use your brand as their fall back. By having a brand, you make your product easily recognizable and trustworthy. However, how are you supposed to build a brand, with so many out there already. The best way is to start on the internet by building your online brand if youre serious about building your brand. http Create a Format — 1:15 Its not all about logos and slogans. A brand is much more than that. A brand can be associated with certain colors or fonts. Think of color red and the brand of Coke or the Pico alphabet font used in Twitter. Use distinct colors and fonts across your pages, from your Facebook, to your own personal website, to create a recognizable, uniform look. Look for Returns in the Sites You Use — 2:05 These returns could be returns on investment, returned on influence and returns on identity. A return on investment is the most valuable. It means that your prospect actually found your site and bought a product. Influence means that you are creating a buzz about your product and identity means that at least one other person knows your product exists. Each has a different level of value, but they all come down to the same thing. Turning site visits into sales. Identify some influencers in your market — 2:57 An influencer is someone who isnt in direct competition <b>…<b>

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