Google Panda Turns One; AdSense For Domains; Rich Snippets For Video & Concerts & More - Busy week in search this week and to end the week, we celebrate the one year anniversary of the Google Panda update. 87% of those impacted have yet to fully recover from Panda but search quality seems better overall. Google is shutting down the AdSense for Domains hosted version, but they should probably shut it all down. Google is running simulated experiments on AdSense accounts and giving specific advice based on those experiments. Google is now supporting video rich snippet markup. Google is showing third party rich snippets on band listings. Google recommends mobile SEO is easier with one URL and a dynamic style sheet. Google AdSense publishers with mobile banners need to update their code. Microsoft adCenter dishes out heavy penalties for disallowed characters. Google Images adds image previews for related search results. Google Images strict Safesearch filter doesnt block sex and nudity anymore. Scroogle is completely offline and not coming back, says owner. Dilbert called SEOs weasels, criminals and they corrupt industries. Google didnt have a Presidents Day logo but had a logo for Hertz. Microsoft and and Dogpile had logos for Presidents Day. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Panda Now A Year Old But Only 13% Fully Recovered : Google Shutting Down AdSense For Domains : Google AdSense Earning Predictions Based On Simulated Experiments : www <b>...<b>