Google Analytics – Setting up Profiles for Sub Domains

RWebs Analytics Consulting team explains how to create a separate profile in Google Analytics (GA) in order to only track website analytic data within that sub-domain (eg., http etc). This will allow your business to more effectively understand how visitors are finding and interacting with these specific sections of the website. Please contact our web consulting team at for more information.

8 thoughts on “Google Analytics – Setting up Profiles for Sub Domains

  1. This worked perfectly, I just followed your example and it saved me hours of trial and error, thanks

  2. From which profile do you copy the code onto your subdomain page? The main domain profile or subdomain profile?

  3. Excellent tutorial. Video tutorials are always the best. @dtrance71157 i think you have only one code for the main domain and then you have two profiles that come under the main domain.

  4. Great Video.. I have just spent the last 4 days tryin to get my head around how the hell I was going to do this with stuff-ups and even longer tryin the fix it. Thank you so much.
    Do I still have to put the code in the subdomain?

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