Global Domains International – Why Use WS AFFILIATE NETWORK World leading GDI rep Russ Howe shows why using WS Affiliate Network is a far more effective way to build your Global Domains International business. As over 60% of the affiliates on the GDI world leaderboards use the teams system, here are the key points of what you can do with it. 1) The simple GDI capture pages are not as effective as they should be. The WS Affiliate Network provides a selection of quality, proven capture pages which have returned the highest conversion rate possible. 2) Ongoing training from top GDI sponsors. This feature is built in to your system. The most common problem in Global Domains International is that so many so-called leaders give big promises to get you to join their team and they dont help their referrals at all beyond that point, meaning many people who possess great potential fail. The system provides quality, proven, effective training on a host of different marketing techniques which work. Over 60% of the affiliates on the GDI leaderboards use our system, and we show you how we do everything we do. 3) A built in autoresponder to follow up with not only new leads but also new referrals, to help them get their own WS Affiliate Network system and get started building their business - and yours in the process. Due to incredibly high demand from existing GDI members who felt they had joined the business under the wrong sponsor and werent getting any help, we recently made the WS Affiliate Network available to all GDI <b>...<b>