Global Domains International Global Domains International top sponsor Russ Howe explains how GDI works, reviewing both products and affiliate plan, and showing how he was able to build a five figure income from home with his GDI business despite being just a regular full time dad and fitness instructor. If you are looking into the possibility of joining Global Domains International, todays video will reveal the very simple system which has helped us to become the world #1 team in GDI The Ws Affiliate Network. Russ Howe reveals how he was able to hit a $500 bonus in his first GDI week and also shows an incredible $4295 commission payment, earned in one single month working 15 minutes or less per day on his Global Domains International home business. As well as using the lucrative Global Domains International affiliate plan, you also get a wealth of products including your own website, a .ws domain name of your choice and web hosting tools. In todays video, world-leading GDI sponsor Russ Howe also shows how he used his GDI website to create his own fitness business and turn his hobby into a full time income, with his fitness videos being featured on television and attracting over 2000000 Youtube hits. Visit us at our website above to see how we became the world number one team in Global Domains International, become part of the the team today and make this the first step towards becoming your own boss and changing the rest of your life. Use this link to share todays video with your friends.

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  1. Hopefully today’s video helps you to understand how Global Domains International works, and how to make the most from it. You can join the team at the website in our video description.

  2. The best GDI sponsor I’ve ever had. Thanks for all your efforts with me, Russ, after 6 previous attempts at getting somewhere with GDI I finally am! We pocketed an extra $267 last month by simply using our GDI products like you advised. Keep up the great work.

  3. An excellent GDI marketing system, gets the job done in minimal time. Great stuff.

  4. Thanks for providing this video Russ, very clear and very thorough. Plus it’s nice to be able to see someone provide the payment proof behind the theory. Loving your honesty, and can see why you became so successful. Can’t wait to get started!!

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