Get Started in Empower Network -YOUR Automated Internet Marketing System Overview To get started in Empower Network is easy when you can SEE how to take the steps to get your system set up fast and efficiently. This video covers how to 1) Get Started in Empower Network 2) Scale Up YOUR Business 3) Create Your Desired Income 4) Create TEAM SUCCESS I Created the Following SERIES of Short Videos at to Help You Get Started in Empower Network and Overcome ANY Obstacles to Your Empower Network Success! Go to and watch the following videos that will help SHOW you how to perform simple steps to logging into your account, setting up your account, logging into your blogging system, creating your first blog post, adding video or pictures to your blog, creating key word that will help you rank #1 on Google, help you add pages and categories to your blog, help you add affiliate banners to your blog, and the list goes on. Click right lower corner of each video to watch video in "Full Screen" mode to enlarge the video to actual size! Push left upper button on your key board called "Esc" to return video to original size within this article. You can also use these videos to share with your team, copy and embed them into your Empower Network Blog for your team use, etc. Enjoy the videos, and enjoy the results you achieve by taking the steps in these videos to create YOUR best success! Here to help YOU succeed! Jerry Vinson Cell: (903) 253-7210 Skype: jvinson2 E-mail: