Gary Halbert Lessons, John Polk, Gurus & Internet Marketers

This video is part of several videos where I am talking about some lessons I learned from one of my key mentors in direct response marketing,"Sir Gary Of Halbert, The Prince of Print." More decades ago than I would like to admit, I purchased Gary Halberts $2000 course on direct marketing. It changed my life! I had a successful insurance agency and after learning about copy writing and the principles of direct response, I was on my way. That little course was the beginning of nearly a billion dollars in sales from brands I have directly created from scratch. Yes, a billion dollars! I know that sounds crazy but that is the power of direct marketing. Those numbers dont even include the hundreds of millions of sales in other companies that I consulted with over the years. Know this: I have not been--for three decades--consulting for people and businesses. I have been doing it. I have applied my craft to many different industries. What I have learned over all these years is that "direct response marketing" is really the key. I have also learned that there is so much more to making a business work than marketing alone. wow, is there much, much more. In this video and others, I am trying to share with you how to be smart and careful about how you proceed in your journey to success. If I had someone like me to coach me and hold my hand along the way and if more importantly I would have listened, I would be a billionaire today. I sold a company last year and I have decided to <b>...<b>