Full Review: iPhone 4S

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23 thoughts on “Full Review: iPhone 4S

  1. I’m still unclear as to what Apple TV is exactly, is it a DVR or something of that nature?

  2. Awesome review! I’m new to smart phones, as well as the iphone and what it can all do, so this answered a lot of questions I’ve been having. I’ll definitely keep your points in mind as I continue shopping!

  3. @awkpanda its like a receiver that allows you to watch movies and shows that’s on your iTunes account, also you can connect to netflix on it want netflix too. Its basically like iTunes connected to your tv directly.

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  5. LOL awsome reviews! You just convince me to get one of these! :D Thanks you’re the best! :)

  6. thanks it was really helpfull since what i heard was there was no change but i no i know that the only thing that stayed the same was the apperence but the upgrade was great… i’m still looking forward to the i phone 5….

  7. I’m still using my original google nexus but am frustrated by always running out of space, so thinking about the Iphone 4s

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