4 thoughts on “Free Web Domains and More: Name.com’s April 2012 Specials | Name.com

  1. If you really want a good deal go to Google and search for domain name, btw this only works on the computer, not tablets or phones, and search for "domain names". Under the ads you will find super cheap prices from GoDaddy ($2.95 Each – Up To 3), Register.com ($2.00 Each – Up To 3), Network Solutions ($2.95 Each – Up To 3), and Domain.com ($3.99 Each – Up To One). For the GoDaddy one just make a new account and use a new credit card, so that is three domains per credit card you have!

  2. I have never used Name.com, however they look good, however out of the few I used GoDaddy is the best by far, but like I said before, I can’t give my report of Name.com though.

  3. That’s a good tip. Just watch out for hidden fees…and see how much the renewal will be. those are killer.

  4. None of them have hidden fees, GoDaddy is $7.99 a year for renewal, Network Solutions and Domain.com are somewhere around $10 – $13 a year, and Network Solutions is $38.00 a year.

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